Powerled 390W (Substitution VPSA 600W)

Powerled 390W (Substitution VPSA 600W) Power consumption: 390 Watts with 1.68 Amperes Dimensions: Length 75cm, Width 60cms, Weight: 8.2 kg. Driver: 2 Meanwell units calibrated to a total of 390W. ELG-240-36A 6 Cob’s Led units. Number of chips: 6 units with a total efficiency of 135 lm/Watts stabilized. Number of aluminum heatsinks: 6 units Fastening…

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Powerled 610W (Substitution VPSA 1000W)

Powerled 610W (Substitution VPSA 1000W) Power consumption: 610 real Watts with 2.55 Amperes Dimensions: Length 82.5cm, Width 74.5cm, Weight: 13.8 kg. Driver: 3 Meanwell units calibrated to a total of 610 real W. 9 Cob’s Led units. Number of aluminum heatsinks: 9 units Fastening / hanging system: Unification by chains. Contrast production: To be determined…

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Powerled Greenhouse (Substitution T5, T8 and low consumption)

Powerled Greenhouse (Substitution T5, T8 and low consumption) Power consumption: 11.8 Real Watts with 0.096 Amperes Measures: Length of 60cms. Width18cms Weight: 0.3 kg Driver: 1 Units Meanwell 2 units Contrast led strip for the first days of seed germination and rooting of cannabis cuttings. Tenuous and optimal light to avoid light stress in the…

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Our customers think:

Anonymous grower

I have noticed a considerable change in my crop, more production in general and especially in the lower areas of the plant, the trichome is very abundant and of very good quality. Very happy with the change.


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