Powerled 390W
(Substitution VPSA 600W)

Power consumption: 390 Watts with 1.68 Amperes
Dimensions: Length 75cm, Width 60cms,
Weight: 8.2 kg.
Driver: 2 Meanwell units calibrated to a total of 390W. ELG-240-36A 6 Cob’s Led units. Number of chips: 6 units with a total efficiency of 135 lm/Watts stabilized.
Number of aluminum heatsinks: 6 units
Fastening / hanging system: Unification by chains.
Contrast production: 1.68grs/w in 1.20 square meters.
Homogeneity of light: 94% for 1 square meter and 90% for 1.20 square meters.
Luminosity: +8.6% Lx at 50 cm, +9.2%Lx at 35 cm (comparative measurements made with new 600W sodium bulbs with dual spectrum).

Lighting distance recommendations for the Kitpowerled 390W:
First cycle: Seed germination / Young cutting: 45 cm. (3 to 5 days)
Growth: 40 cm.
Flowering: 30 cm.
2 last weeks of flowering: 25 cm.

Note: Standard measures, according to the cultivation method used. It is advisable to modify these measures according to the grower’s criteria. For other plant species, please contact the manufacturer for distances.

Mounted equipment, easy installation Effective durability of 4 years at a rate of 4 annual crops. Manufacturing and national after-sales service

Recommended price with V.A.T included.